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Your Daily St. Lawrence Announcement

Your Daily St. Lawrence Announcement

Magazine Sales

Thanks to those who have been selling magazines. We hope you will take advantage of our long weekend and sell many more.  We are behind our goal and we hope that you have been just waiting for this weekend to make those sales.  Today we passed out postcards with orders from last year.  Use these to help fill up your order quota.  You can order online anytime this weekend.  Very easy and great way to get those orders in.  Go towww.gaschoolstore.com and enter #2545465.  We will have a Garfield draw on Wednesday when we get back to school for all orders done online.  Don’t forget our sale ends on Thursday of next week.  Help us to continue our tradition of reaching our goal so we can have our ice cream party.  Blessings and have a safe weekend. – Laurie Suppinger


We have NO SCHOOL on Monday and Tuesday of next week – Sept. 7th and 8th!  We hope everyone enjoys the long weekend over Labor Day!

First NO CHECK NUT Day will be Sept. 10th.  Student Council has chosen a Beach Theme (no swimsuits or flipflops though!)  You child’s teacher will let you know

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