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Winter Weather Advisory

Winter Weather Advisory

Winter Weather Advisory tonight into Wednesday morning


With the Winter Weather Advisory in place from 10pm to 10am, we are monitoring the weather closely.   The timing is also the tricky part..

To be pro-active though, we are sending the iPads home this evening with the students.  We have instructed the students to keep the iPads in their backpacks and just bring back to school in the morning if we do have school at the regular time or even with a 2 hr. delay.


*In the case we have to cancel school, we will have an eLearning Day.  Students will be expected then to sign in for attendance and do the work that is assigned to them. The lessons will be ready from 9:30am after.  Attendance and logging on would be the same from before.  That information will be shared again for your reference.

Be sure to watch the news for updates.  You will also be receiving notification from Event Link as soon as we know what is happening.


Have a good evening and please let us know if you have any questions..

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