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Want to help?

Want to help?

Hi everyone!  The first day at our St Lawrence Cafeteria went pretty well!  We are making some adjustments, but overall the kids did great!

We are using this space everyday and of course will be sharing it with the parish activities.  We are able to keep the tables and chairs up most days but they do need to come down every Wednesday and Friday.

This is where we have a great opportunity for you to volunteer!  On Wednesday and Friday, we will be taking the tables and chairs down around 2:30pm.  You could come a little early to pick your child up (get front row parking) and come over to help.  You wouldn’t have to do both days, maybe just one day a week?  The more helpers we have the quicker it should go!  It can be a regular opportunity and such a BIG HELP!!   Remember we are in the basement.  We have 18 tables and about 100 chairs.

Thanks so much for considering!

And thanks again to those dads who came to help move the milk cooler and carts over!!



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