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Uniform Policy – Girls

Uniform Policy – Girls

Girls​ ​(K-6) Required​ ​Dress​ ​Uniform​ ​(required​ ​on​ ​All​ ​School​ ​Mass​ ​Days)
Elderwear: poly-cotton blue plaid keyhole jumper.
(length must be no shorter than 3 inches above the floor when
Becky Thatcher: woven white blouse with Peter Pan collar with crest.
Every​ ​Day​ ​Uniform​ ​(non-All​ ​School​ ​Mass​ ​Days)
Elderware: (Mark Twain or K-12) white or navy knit short or long-sleeved poloshirts
or white or navy long-sleeved knit turtleneck.
(Shirt tails must be tucked in at all times during the school day)
Elderware: (Becky Thatcher or K-12) navy blue dress pants or shorts.
(Shorts may be worn only during the months of Aug/Sept and May/June and
must be no shorter than one’s fingertips while standing)

Options​ ​to​ ​Required​ ​Dress​ ​and​ ​Every​ ​Day​ ​Uniform:
School Apparel: navy blue crew neck cardigan with four color LCSS crest.
School Apparel: navy blue sweatshirt with LCSS four color LCSS crest.
School Apparel: navy blue fleece pullover with LCSS logo.

Girls: Leggings​ must be plain white,brown, black,navy blue or gray and come to the ankle
​Girls Socks and tights should be plain white, brown, black, navy blue, or gray with no other visible
Shoes Must be worn at all times. Sandals & dress boots are not permitted.
Shoes must have a complete toe and heel.
Shoes must be either white, brown, black, navy blue or gray. Shoes should be
predominately one color. No other colors are allowed.
(Example: black shoe with a white Nike swoosh is acceptable) (Shoes with
fluorescent soles, side trim, shoe laces or decorations are NOT ACCEPTABLE)
Girls: Jewelry and hair accessories must be plain.
Dangling or large size earrings or bracelets are not allowed.
Body piercings or permanent tattoos are not allowed.
Head scarves are not allowed.

Girls: Plain black, brown or navy belt must be worn with all clothing having belt loops. Belts are not required for kindergarten students.

Make-up No make-up may be worn.

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