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The NED Show

The NED Show

The NED Show

We received a call from The NED Show recently letting us know they would be in the area today and asked if we would like them to stop by.  We had just had their Kindness Adventure back in October, but it had been a year or so since we had this program….There’s a Champion in Every Kid!  Our presenter, Justin, was with us then and he is awesome so we said, “YES”!  Justin is VERY entertaining.  He told a story that got all the students and even the teachers involved.  He is great with doing super yo-yo tricks!  His buddy, NED, has a great message that can help kids be champions at school, home, and in life.

N – Never give Up     E – Encourage Others      D – Do Your Best!

                                              Each student will receive a silver pencil with this message on it!

The thing about this assembly is that it is free.  They work on a ‘pay-it-forward’ system.  In the office we have yo-yo’s for sale.  We will have them available from today, March 5 through 16th, 2018.  To see what is available please click below.  Justin told the kids to not go home and say, ‘I want a yo-yo’, but to say, ‘What can I do to earn a yo-yo?’

The NED Show Order form.  To learn more about the yo-yos and instructions go to:  www.theNEDshow.com/why-yoyos

We will be raffling off two Excelerator yo-yo’s signed by Justin.  Students who earn at least 3 JOY Points this week and have No discipline marks will be entered in the raffle which will be held Friday afternoon.





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