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Thank you NUT Slip!

Thank you NUT Slip!


                                                                                           We have had a great first couple of weeks!  The students and staff are complying with our COVID Safety requirements, though it has not been easy in many ways…..and we recognize that!  Which is why we are having a NUT Day tomorrow – Friday, September 11th to say Thank You and just how much we APPRECIATE everyone!!  And Thank You to our parents who have been so patient and understanding!  Why don’t you take a NUT Day also!

For our new families – a NUT Day means a No Uniform Today.  So students may be out of uniform…..and may wear shorts through September. 

 So here are the guidelines:  Shorts must be no shorter than one’s fingertips while standing and no holes.   No track shorts allowed.  Also no leggings unless wearing a longer shirt.  Shirts/T-shirts must have sleeves.  No sandals or crocs.   Thank you.   

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