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St. Lawrence Children Choir

St. Lawrence Children Choir

Join the St. Lawrence Children’s Choir!

Who: Any child in the parish 3rd grade and up

Where: Saint Lawrence Church

When: Children’s Liturgy, 11:15 Mass on the 3rd Sunday of the Month

Weekly Rehearsals: Tuesdays 3:45-4:15pm at the school and/or choir loft in church


Registration forms can be found on the music page of the St. Lawrence website under Liturgical Ministries. You can also contact Kevin Frecker at frecker@saintlawrencechurch.net or at the parish office (x830) to obtain a copy.



REASON #1: Learn the Mass! Choir members do not sing at Mass. They sing the Mass. Over the course of the year, they learn the order of the Mass, the structure of the liturgical seasons, and the Biblical sources of the words we pray. As their understanding deepens they become more and more aware of their mission to bear Christ to the world.

REASON #2: Make Great Friends! Choir members not only prepare the notes and rhythms for Sunday Mass, but they also practice collaboration, devotion, and service. Rehearsals feature discussions of theological concepts and the liturgy of the Catholic Church. How many after school activities can claim that? Choir members make strong Catholic friendships that will last a lifetime.

REASON #3: Free Music Lessons! Singers receive expert training in diction, vocal technique, and music theory. Annual tuition in a regional treble chorus costs about $1,000. Private voice lessons can easily cost well over $2,000 per year. While these experiences are certainly valuable, be sure not to miss out on the exceptional musical training offered right in your own parish or school!

REASON #4: Learn Other Languages! Choir members not only learn how to sing in English, but also in Latin and other languages as well. Latin is the building block of many modern languages; and, at a time when people from different parts of the world interact and come together more frequently, it is important that young Catholics have a basic understanding of Latin. The study of Latin has also been shown to be successful in increasing test scores, expanding vocabulary, and helping young people understand grammatical structures in other languages.

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