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What kind of cards do we offer:

Physical Gift Cards — These are the same gift cards you get at the store. Use them instead of cash or a credit card!

Here is a list of the cards I keep on hand at school.  SCRIP order form 12-2018

Here is a list of all cards that are offered and can be ordered for you.  I order on Monday morning and the cards are here by Wednesday.

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Reload and ReloadNow®— Some physical gift cards are available for either Reload or ReloadNow. Register an eligible gift card you purchased from ShopWithScrip and add funds to it when the balance is running low. Funds will be added overnight for cards that offer Reload, and instantly for ones that offer ReloadNow when you pay with PrestoPay™.

ScripNow® — ScripNow is an eCard that you can buy and receive instantly. You can print off ScripNow, or redeem it on your mobile device for certain retailers. They are immediately available when you pay with PrestoPay

How do we get the cards:

You can send your order into school and the physical cards will come home.

Purchase physical cards after mass on the weekend.

You Reload the cards online at www.shopwithscrip.com

ScripNow is also online and will be emailed to you

SIGN UP today at www.shopwithscrip.com  Your Enrollment Code:D668D7LD37L3 


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