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School Lunch Info

School Lunch Info

Dear Parent(s),

On behalf of Lafayette Central Catholic School, Chartwells would like to extend a warm welcome back to school and back to the café! This past week your child has enjoyed new menu items that are sure to inspire a healthy and fun 2017-18 school year! I wanted to explain lunch a little more just in case there are any questions.

To have a lunch qualify as a reimbursable meal, it must contain 3 of the 5 primary components:

  • Meat and meat alternative
  • Grain
  • Fruit
  • Vegetable
  • Milk

You MUST have a fruit or vegetable as one of your components in your lunch. The other two components are completely up to you. For example…

Cheese Pizza – 1 Grain Serving
Green Beans – 1 Vegetable Serving
White Milk – 1 Dairy Serving

Hamburger – 1 Grain Serving, 1 Meat Serving
Diced Pineapple – 1 Fruit Serving
Strawberry Milk – (Optional)

Chicken Drumstick – 1 Meat Serving
Sliced Peaches – 1 Fruit Serving
Chocolate Milk – 1 Dairy Serving

As mentioned above, your child must have a fruit or vegetable as one of their components. If your child would like more fruits or vegetables, the Extra Extra bar is available for them to take as many additional servings as they would like. This is only for fruits or vegetables, as sides and entrées will still have an additional cost.

Standard Meal cost 3.25 (this includes up to 5 components)
Additional costs as followed:
Extra Entrée – 2.50
Chips- .75 (sold separately, not included in standard meal components)
Extra Milk- .50
Extra Veggie- .75

Please also see the attached lunch menus.

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