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School Items – Silent Auction Item

School Items – Silent Auction Item

Our students have been busy creating beautiful and unique items for the auction this year. Some of the items include:

  • A prayer book basket, created by CC art students
  • A sunset oil painting by 7th grader Ainsley Martin


  • A growth board, created by St. Mary’s kindergarten class


  • A personalized Guess Who game, featuring students from Mrs. Christopher’s 3rd Grade class at St. Mary’s457-600x600-noz
  • A peacock platter from St. Boniface 6th graders


  • A wall portrait from St. Lawrence preschool class


  • Cross art from Mrs. Grove’s 2nd grade class at St. Lawrence468-600x600-noz
  • An art tray from the St. Lawrence 6th grade class


To see the rest of the items created by our students, check out the “Classroom Projects” section on our bidpal site or just click here.

All silent auction items will be available to bid upon, starting Monday, April 24th.

Remember, you don’t have to come to the auction to bid on silent auction items. All you have to do is register now to look at all the items that are available!

The Blue Knight Auction is coming up later this month on Saturday, April 29th. We will be previewing a variety of items through the announcements. All silent auction items can already be viewed on our auction site.

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