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We now have three  specific ways we are communicating home.  We are using the Red Thursday Folders most weeks to send important information home from the office.  

The other two ways are described below:  

Want to receive notices as to 2 hour delays and school closures?  Make sure you are on Pinwheel!!   You are able to sign up to receive reminders and notification of any changes to the calendar.  

Did you receive the Pinwheel Test that was sent on Weds. Dec. 14th at 1:00pm?  If not then you need to get on and check your settings or sign up!  

St. Lawrence School encourages all parents to sign up for this free service.  School Datebooks, a Lafayette, Indiana-based company, provides St. Lawrence with their academic planners!

School Datebooks’ Pinwheel™ will proactively communicate with users and provide up-to-date event information.  St. Lawrence School will use it as a medium to communicate notifications.

When signing up for St. Lawrence, please also sign up for Lafayette Catholic School System.  Most of our delays and cancellations will be coming from this account.

It is our goal to get 100% of our families signed up!

Go to: TryPinwheel.com   Don’t forget to set your notifications.  For example I set mine to remind me the day before.  So sure enough, I get a text and email reminder!  There are several tutorials to help you sign up!  Let us know if you have any questions!  You can also sign up from our website!  See Below.  

Are you getting our Daily Announcements?  

Everyone should be.  Please let us know if you are not.  The great thing about these announcements:  they are available on our website 24/7!  Stay informed on school activities!  


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