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Saturday Basketball

Saturday Basketball
Saturday basketball K-4 resumes tomorrow weather permitting.  T-Shirts will be handed out at the practice sessions.
If the weather is severe enough in the morning and the determination is made to cancel practices I will post an announcement on TV18 and the parents can also call their appropriate coach to find out if practice has been cancelled.
Parents should use their own judgment in regards to weather conditions tomorrow if the practices are held.  Conditions could be fine in the morning, but worsen during the day.
4th grade boys – Brian Siemers – 446-9542
3rd &4th girls – Ron 426-9111
2-3rd boys – Phil Reynolds – 765-564-0061
K-1 boys – Matthew Newkirk 765-430-6755
K,1,2 girls Tom Riley 586-9330
Thank you – John Anthrop

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