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Red Fish Blue Fish

Red Fish   Blue Fish

Couldn’t let today go without turning it into a Math Challenge “)

Each classroom had to predict which ‘Fish’ was represented the most in the whole school.  They then had to guesstimate the actual number of students/staff wearing Red and Blue.  The third step was to count the number of students in each classroom who wore Red or Blue and then add that tally to our big sheet in the main hall.  Percentages were calculated and we actually had a classroom guess the actual percentage on the nare (a fish nose)!

Congratulations to Grade 3, Mrs. Sorgenfrei’s Class!!!

If you are wondering….     Students/Staff Tally

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Results:

RED                   32%

BLUE                  68% 




These treats were shared as well today!




Remember tomorrow is ASM so please be in uniform!….BUT you may bring a hat to wear after Mass! 

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