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Rambler Rivalry Class Winner

Rambler Rivalry Class Winner

Congratulations to Mr. Ledman’s 6th grade class for being the overall winner of our 2020-21 Rambler Rivalry (COVID style)!!  We were still able to get everything in – just took a little longer – and we had to be creative, but it all worked out!!  Each classroom has Academic Challenges they participate in for points.  The Athletic Challenges were completed during their PE time, thanks Mrs. Zehring!  For the Airplane Challenge, each class had their own class winner.  We then went to a winner for each cohort, and then down to the overall winner – Kolton Minnich!

Points were gather for each of the challenges and kept on a shared Tally Sheet!  Each class had the opportunity to answer a couple of Surprise questions…can you answer these?  What is the Gospel Value of the Month? (Patience and Perseverance). And the question this morning which they all answered correctly – What is our Value Statement?  (He Shepherds, We Shape, They Shine!)

Job Everyone!!  



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