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Playground help for grade K-2

Playground help for grade K-2
Hi parents,
Once weekly, our grades K-2 are allowed to use the preschool playground for their afternoon recess, one class at a time.  In order for this to happen, we rely on parent volunteers to supervise the class at the playground.  Once we have parents signed up, the students will be allowed to use the playground on their scheduled day.
Please consider signing up if you are able.  We ask that on your volunteer day, you arrive by 11am to be ready to go when dismissed for recess shortly thereafter.  We ask that you take the class to the preschool playground and supervise until it is time to return to the classroom.  At that time, you may stay and supervise lunch as well, or leave at that time.
All parents who volunteer with children are required to FIRST complete the online protocol program which can be found at:  http://dol-in.org/online-safe-environment-training  Be sure to choose St. Lawrence Elementary in Lafayette, as there is more than one St. Lawrence listed in the program.
Please click the link below to sign-up.
Thank you,
St. Lawrence PTO

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