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Pickle Ball was a big hit! Grades K-6 all have enjoyed playing a new sport! Grades 3-6 just finished our first ever Pickle Ball Tourney and here are our class winner:


6th Schafer       Albert Schwartz & Brinn Robbins


6th Ledman       John Rafacz & Conner Reynolds


5th Steill            Jackson Cain & Cayden Myers


⅘ Milazzo          Noah Martin & Chase Tieke


4th Myers          Chloe Finney & Audrey Clute


3rd Sorgenfrei   Kolton Minnich & Dominick Delgatto


3rd Devine         Abby McCaw & Sam Fassnacht


We are now enjoying Shamrock Shape Up and are looking forward to the Sharbade scooters next week! You will have ask your child what S-H-A-R-B-A-D-E stands for!

Lastly, many students are forgetting their PE shoes! Please, if you pick up your child from Busy Bee, have him/her put them in his/her backpack immediately so the shoes make it back to school!

Thank You!       Mrs. J. Anthrop

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