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PE New’s

PE New’s

Right now we are in the middle of a baseball/softball unit. Today we hit off of tees!
Coming soon in May will be pedometer week and Aces Day. They are both in the first week of May. I decided to have pedometer week while I still have my student teacher. That will be her last week.

Aces Day (All Children Exercising Simultaneously) is always the first Wed in May! So ACES DAY is Wednesday May 4 and I will need volunteers to help with keeping the children on the sidewalks and not in the street, and helpers with the popsicles and Koolaid.

We will be honoring our men/women in blue and brown this day…our wonderful men and women in local law enforcement! The students may wear blue and or brown that day (shorts!). To be out of uniform, you must bring in a donation that will be given to the “Shop with a Cop” program. This is a wonderful event that usually ends up coming out of the policeman’s pocket. We also are going to be thanking our valuable law enforcers who may be bringing some very interesting items with them this day!!
And yes, we will have our annual DJ, Brady Schmitt, on hand to keep us running/walking.
Please come and enjoy this day with us…May 4 from 9:45-11:00am.

My PE classes will be walking in the neighborhood on Monday May 2, May 3 (morning only), and May 4 so if you would like to walk with us, please email me at anthropj@lcss.org. Thanks, Mrs. Jana Anthrop

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