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Parents/Friends of students in grades K thru 3

Parents/Friends of students in grades K thru 3

Dear Parents/Friends of students in grades K thru 3!

The Bear went over the Mountain!  Lower grade program March 23rd.

We are looking for volunteers to help with making/putting together costumes.

The two main characters are a Bear and an Owl. Other animals include a fox, a woodchuck, a cardinal, a bluebird, a skunk, a opossum, bunnies, badgers, beavers, mice, bobcats, chipmunks, deer, turkeys, ducks quails, squirrels, raccoons, bats, sun and moon.

For most of the costumes the students would really just need to wear the right color sweats and we could make the ears, tails, wings, and maybe a little paint on some of the faces. For example the opossums would wear a grey sweat suit, long skinny pink tail out of felt, and a white painted face. The bobcat would have on a tan sweat suit, sharp pointed ears and whiskers painted on…no tail.   It would be nice to have the bear and owl be a little more prominent with their costumes. We have a list of costume suggestions or there are lots of ideas on Pinterest!

If you are interested in helping with costumes, please contact Mrs. Williams.

Thanks so much!


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