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Online Safe Environment Training (Protocol)

Online Safe Environment Training (Protocol)

must register and complete the diocesan safe environment training program by December 31, 2015.    This is taking the place of our monthly Protocol Trainings.  As you will note ALL who plan on helping at school in any way MUST do this training even if you still had some time left from your last training.  These must be taken every 3 years now instead of every 5.  We have lots of volunteer opportunities at school so please take the time to go through this training soon!

Thank you

Protecting God’s Children in the 21st Century course

  • The program is designed to be respectful of the topic and your time.
  • The site is accessible anytime and on most computers, mobile devices and smartphones.
  • If you need technical assistance there is a button atthe top right corner of almost every screen
    where there is a “live” person to assist you.
  • You may also contact Technical Support by calling toll-free 888-804-9643.                            Instructions

1.     Create a user profile at the training web site:


Important: You will be asked to complete a background screening application as part of the safe enviroment training process. Your training certificate will not be issued until the results of your background screening are reviewed.

2.     Complete the “Protecting God’s Children in the 21st Century” course.
Be sure to read the instructions and complete all of the steps.

3.      You will be notified by email that your training certificate has been issued. 
The training certificate will become available when the background screening process is complete.
The certificate will be emailed directly to the safe environment coordinator in your primary
location, as listed on your registration form, at that time.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this important training.

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