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One Great Student Needing Host Family!

One Great Student Needing Host Family!

China • Female • Junior

We are still in need of one host family for an international student. Cloria (a Junior) and her mother have arrived from Beijing and are hoping to find her a host family soon. They are currently staying with college friends of her parents until her mother returns home in a couple weeks.

I wish everyone could meet Cloria! She is a very friendly and outgoing girl, and her English is excellent as she spent her sophomore year attending a school in California. Cloria’s father is an actor in China, and she has inherited his theater blood as she enjoys singing, acting, and she especially likes serving as the MC/host of various events. In fact, she has received awards in competitions in the hosting. She hopes she can participate in CC’s fall play and spring musical. Cloria also enjoys tennis and is always up for trying something new.

If you would be interested in hosting Cloria for a semester or this year, please contact Admissions Director, Angie Schrader, 765.474.7500, schrader@lcss.org or Jia Mason, friend of Cloria’s parents and local owner of River Hair Care on the levee 765.532.8688. Monthly stipend to be agreed upon with parents.

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