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Note from the Principal ISTEP+

Note from the Principal ISTEP+

Dear Parents/Guardians,
Please read the attached letter from Dr. Williams, Director/Superintendent of the Pastoral Office for Education. She states very well the overall feeling of the staff here at St. Lawrence. There were too many red flags before and during the ISTEP testing last spring that had us questioning the validity of the tests as well as the true accountability of comparing scores with other students in the state when they were not all taking the same test per grade level. As you may have seen, overall there was a dramatic drop in scores across the state. This really came as no surprise. We will be sending home next week the breakdown and comparison for St. Lawrence. Along with that, our school score will also be shared. It is still embargoed at this time.

With the release of scores, it is a good time to remind parents that there is so much more to consider when looking at how well a child is doing in school. We look at the ISTEP+ scores as only one measure. Our teachers do a variety of assessments/observations over periods of time which can give a more accurate account on how each child is doing/growing. We recognize and actively assist those students who need more help in weak areas and those who need challenged. This is always an incessant process.
When looking at growth for each child, we don’t just emphasize academic skills as we endeavor to help each student develop his/her God-given potential. It is so important to also help each child grow in their faith, compassion and service for others, and nurturing their unique gifts, respect, leadership, safety and responsibility.
Your child’s teacher is certainly the best source on how well your child is performing. Please don’t ever hesitate to contact them or myself with questions or concerns. Great things happen working together! We are so blessed!

Thank you,

Jody Williams


Dr Williams Letter to Parents on A-F

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