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Magazine Sale Update

Magazine Sale Update
Hope everyone is having fun selling magazines and cookies!  Today, if you sold last year, you will be receiving your Tuition Rewards and Get Them Back Cards in your Red Folders.
Tuition Rewards is another great incentive for participating in this fundraiser.  If you sell over $100 in products (paper or online) you can receive Tuition Credits.  Check out the following web site for more information www.tuitionrewards.com.
The Get Them Back Cards have the people you sold to last year.  This is an easy way to get return sales.  It’s time for them to renew their magazines anyway might as well be through you and for a good cause.
Keep up the great work and look for more updates later in the week.  If you have any questions be sure to contact Laurie Suppinger at aaronlaurie@gmail.com.

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