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Magazine Sale Starts Today

Magazine Sale Starts Today

Today your child will bring home a magazine packet. This is our only fundraiser of the year other than our ongoing SCRIP program. Help us reach our goal by participating in this two week fundraiser. Please fill out magazine orders on the top portion of the order form and cookie orders on the bottom. Please fill out all the information and include your free selection of cookie dough on the top just in case your reach the 10 item goal and keep the pink copy for your records. There is a flyer inside the packet that will explain in more detail.

NEW THIS YEAR: We are asking that you try and fill up the order form before your turn it in. We are not doing daily prizes and we are trying to save on paper. We will be doing a few lucky COOP draws in the two weeks. When you fill up your order form you can get another one or use the second one in your packet. ALSO, cookie dough can be ordered online this year.! Any items sold online, including cookie dough, will count toward your free cookie dough prize and so many other prizes (see flyer in packet). BE AWARE that all cookie dough orders (including online) will be delivered to St. Lawrence at a later date for you to pick up and deliver.

Selling online is the easiest way to go. There are no orders to fill out and no money to collect and turn in. Have fun selling and if you have any questions please contact Laurie Suppinger at aaronlaurie@gmail.com.

More information about last years Tuition Rewards and last years sales coming later this week. September 12th is our last day to sell so start selling today. Good luck!

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