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Magazine Sale News

Magazine Sale News
Congratulations!!!  We had a very successful fundraiser and we reached our goal! Thank you to everyone who helped get us there!! The entire school will be having an ice cream party on Wednesday, October 9th for a job well done.  Volunteers are needed to help scoop ice cream.  Please contact Laurie Suppinger at aaronlaurie@gmail.com if you can help.
Congratulations to Mrs. Kubsch’s class for being the top selling class and will be celebrating later this month with a pizza party.  A big Boiler shout out to our top 4 sellers…Landen FitzSimons, Hannah Suppinger, Jaxson Whitaker, and Allison Alter they will have an opportunity to ride the Boiler Maker Special on October 14th (weather permitting).  Nut Slips will be coming home soon to those who sold 6 or more.
Cookie Dough is scheduled to be delivered Wednesday, October 16th.  Please mark your calendars.  Everyone must pick up their cookie dough on this date anytime between 2:00 – 5:30pm.   Volunteers are needed to help unload and sort cookie dough.  Please contact Laurie at aaronlaurie@gmail.com if you are able to help.
There will be a money draw today, so if your child earned a draw, they will come home with an envelope of money.
Thanks again for helping us get to our goal and supporting our great school!  You are all awesome!!

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