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Little Gridiron Football – Registration Open

Little Gridiron Football – Registration Open

LET’S PLAY FOOTBALL!!! Registration is now open for the upcoming fall Central Catholic Little Gridiron season. This is open to all students entering 3rd – 6th grades in the fall of 2018. Central Catholic’s new head football coach and Wade Seaburg were in the schools this week to promote registration for Little Gridiron.

All registration is carried out through the website, www.littlegridironfootball.com. Select Central Catholic, and then click the registration button. The website is also very informative about the program and can answer any questions you may have. For any other questions about CC Little Gridiron football please contact Wade Seaburg at wseaburg@structuresales.net or 574-514-2651. Also, if your student is curious about football, you can sign up for our summer camp in July. Information on that may be found in the Central Catholic athletic office.

Football is the ultimate team sport, and promotes selflessness, character building, and social skills. It is also a great stress reliever for kids as they start a new school year, and promotes a strong work ethic.

One of the things Wade loves most about the sport is the life long bonds that he has formed with his football teammates. There is just something about doing hard work with your friends that forms lasting relationships. The other aspect that he loves about the sport is that it takes all types of athletes to play the game. This is best said by a high level coach, Chris Creighton, in a letter he wrote to potential football moms.

“A football team is unlike any other, in that it depends on all kinds of body types and skill sets. Short, tall, stocky, thin, fast, not so fast, strong, not as strong, cerebral, and hardheaded – they all can have a place and a position on a football team. There are so many different roles and positions and every one of them matters.”

Coach Creighton’s entire letter can be found by clicking this link. http://footballscoop.com/news/eastern-michigan-head-coach-writes-letter-to-all-potential-future-football-moms/

Thank you for your interest in the most rewarding sport I have ever competed in. The coaching staff looks forward to seeing some new faces!

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