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Please see the action alert below from our local partnership of non-public schools.  Both of these bills are important to our students.  The first increases the cap for tax credit scholarships.  As many of you know our schools had about $360,000 in tax credit scholarships, but we were only able to raise $250,000 before the tax credits ran out in December.  Additionally, the second is very important as well.  Without it a PreK student receiving a PreK voucher would not be eligible attend a Kindergarten class with a voucher, even if the PreK was a private or Catholic school.  Please use the buttons below to send an email to our legislators.

Support Tax Credit Cap Increase and Choice Program

We have 2 updated bills in front of our state legislature that could greatly affect our students and our schools.

The first is HB 1001. This bill would increase the Scholarship Tax Credit cap from $9.5M to $12.5M for the next fiscal year and allows for automatic growth in future years. This past year the need for these scholarships far outweighed the supply. This program is a great way for the state to promote the private funding of scholarships for low and middle-income families.

Please click the button below to ask your legislator to support an increase in the tax credit scholarship program cap!

Support the Scholarship Tax Credit Program

The second is HB 1004. This bill would expand the state’s pre-k pilot program for low-income students. Currently, the bill ensures that a student who receives a pre-k scholarship is also eligible to receive a Choice Scholarship when they enter kindergarten, but some legislators want to take that choice away.

Tell your state legislator that you support HB 1004 with the provision to allow state-funded pre-k students access to a Choice Scholarship (voucher) in kindergarten!

Support Kindergarten Access to the Choice Scholarship

You can easily contact your legislators regarding both of these bills by clicking on the buttons above, provided by our partners at IQE.

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