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JA in a Day! Wednesday, May 30th *Need parent volunteers

JA in a Day! Wednesday, May 30th       *Need parent volunteers

We are looking for parent volunteers! Please email sbullock@lcss.org or williams@lcss.org and let us know which grade you would like to volunteer for.

Please call if you have any questions!  Training dates are coming up soon.

We need you to teach our students about the world of work through Junior Achievement’s programs. With you as their mentor volunteer, students will see how their schoolwork relates to the real world, and how what they learn in school leads to their future success. You will teach five lessons (6 in the sixth grade) on one day to a classroom of students.

How much time will it take?

The “JA Day” requires about 90 minutes of training and 4-6 hours on one day to teach the curriculum. The curriculum consists of 5 or 6 lessons, which will take approximately 30-50 minutes each to complete. You will receive all materials and training well before hand. Your preparation time is also minimal-usually less than one hour. Lunch is provided on this day.

Exactly what will I be doing?

In each class, you will help young students understand the world around them: from what it takes to be a good family member to being a good citizen of the community. Using hands-on activities relevant to student interest and lifestyles, you will relate their schoolwork to the real world and the skills they will need to get jobs. These skills include how money works, filling out a job application and deposit slip, calculating profit, and community involvement. In addition, you will enrich the curriculum with your own experiences. Everything you need to teach the class, from the activities to student materials are provided for you.


Please let Mrs. Williams (williams@lcss.org) know as soon as possible if you are able to help and if you have any questions. We can also put you in contact with our Junior Achievement Representative for more detailed information.

Check with your place of employment. Many allow their employees to take a day and do a community service such as this!


Thanks so much for considering!

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