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ISTEP testing starts 2-27-18

ISTEP testing starts 2-27-18

                 ISTEP+     St. Lawrence

Reminder that the 1st round of testing begins this week.

We are state accredited and state accreditation requires ISTEP+ participation for our students in grades 3 thru 6.   We know that here at St. Lawrence we are SO MUCH more than this ISTEP+! We are striving to keep a positive atmosphere throughout all the changes and at the same time intently reviewing with our students for this challenging test.

2/26/18 – 3/9/18

 Paper/pencil Administration

The teachers have been preparing the students as to what to expect when test taking and on test taking strategies. They will be explaining why the tests are being given, how the tests are set up, and why the students should not feel anxious about them. We do explain that there will be items that they will not know so they can be prepared for that. These tests are timed so that in itself can be stressful. The tests will be spread out throughout the day and test window to help with the test taking anxiety.

Make sure your student gets a good nights rest and a healthy breakfast!


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