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ILEARN-Grs. 3 – 6

ILEARN-Grs. 3 – 6

It’s never to early to think about year-end assessments-right?     You may have heard that the ISTEP+ has been replaced with ILEARN.  It will still be covering the Indiana Academic Standards in Grades 3 – 8, but is definitely ‘new’!  One great change is the test will not be timed and we have a much larger window which is April 22 – May 17, 2019.  Another change is the online testing system has new tools and resources.  Mrs. Rojas, our technology teacher, will be helping to prepare our students for these changes.  The tests will be computer-adaptive (except for science and social studies at this time) which means students will see on-grade-level content adjusting with what the child knows.  No more seeing content that is above or below their grade level.  Maybe a little less stressful then?

We want our students, and you, to be very familiar with and READY when the time comes for ILEARN.   Starting now is just smart in helping our teachers to prepare and give our students the best opportunity to succeed!  We will be keeping you updated throughout the school year and give more detailed info when the window for the assessment gets closer.

I have attached an ILEARN Assessment Information for Families sheet with 5 Key Points for Understanding ILEARN and where to go for more information.


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