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Harmony 3 Family Access

Harmony 3 Family Access
You should have received an email yesterday or today for the new Harmony Family Access Portal. The portal will all you to view all of your students with a single username and password. Please follow the directions included in the email to establish and link all of your students to your new account.
Q: Why can’t I use my old username and password to login?
A: The majority of our parents indicated a strong preference for the ability to view all students form a single login. The only way for LCSS to achieve this was to switch from Harmony 2 to Harmony 3. This switch requires all parents to create a new account.
Q: What if I have students at multiple schools?
A: You will follow the directions to create your new Family Access account and use the registration code you received for each student to link them to your account.
Q: What if I lost or did not receive a registration code for one or more of my students?
A: Please contract your school office or email jbotteron@lcss.org.
If you experience any difficulties, please contact Jeff Botteron.
Jeffrey Botteron
Director of Learning Design & Technology
jbotteron@lcss.org (preferred)

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