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We will be making some changes to the morning drop-off which will begin when we get back from Christmas Break on January 5th, 2017.  I was just at a School Safety meeting in Indy  and one of the top safety concerns at schools is transportation.  And we do have a concern with our current morning drop-off.  You may have noticed that we had started to put out extra cones to try and push back the parking of cars.  When these drivers were backing up to leave, others were walking up and hard to see.  This is a safety concern that we tried to address.  It was also difficult at times to monitor our ‘pedestrians’ with cars parking right there.   There were times where drivers were trying to be nice and motion for pedestrians to go ahead and our safety patrol are telling them to wait.  The reason we move the cars and have walkers wait is to keep cars moving so they don’t get backed up on 20th street and we want  to make sure cars were pulled up and stopped before we had them cross.    

This concern was  brought up at the last PTO meeting.  After discussion, we are changing the procedure for walking your child into school.  We  are asking that you no longer park in the parking lot, but park over on the other side of the Social Hall/Church and walk them over through the social hall patio area.  We have a good number of parents already doing this.  We feel that having no walkers in the drop-off area in the morning  would be safer for all involved and the distance walking in is really not that much farther.  

Gym doors will be unlocked at 7:30AM when supervision will begin and not before.  All students are to enter the school through the gym up to 8:00AM when the doors will be locked.  After 8:00AM, all entry into the school is through the office door (A) on 19th street.  

There are a few reminders we  would like to send your way:

  • Please pull all the way up to the sign – even if no-one is behind you.  
  • Do not let your child out unless you are on the ‘curve’ or lined-up with the gym.  Children  are not to get out in the street.
  • Please have your child exit out on the right side of the car.  Crossing in front of or behind running cars is not safe.  
  • Please do not get out of your car when in line – this really slows up the process.  If you must get out, then don’t get in the drive line.
  • If you need help for your child, turn your flashers on and we will know to come over.  (Thanks for this suggestion from a parent!)  
  • Please be patient as sometimes there may be a hold-up with a child getting out.  It  really never takes more than a few minutes to get through the line.   

In the front of school:  Dropping off (letting a child out of the car and driving off)  in the front of school before 8:00am is unsafe  and we ask that you do not do this.   If you are parking to come into the building, please make sure it is legal.  If you are coming into the building and/or walking your child in, please let the Safety Patrol cross you.  We expect all of our parents and students to follow the safety patrol‘s directions.  They are there for a reason.  

During school hours – If arriving after 8:00am, please come to the front door (Door A) on 19th street.  All doors will be locked during school hours.  Students are to pick up a Tardy Slip before heading to their classroom.  If you have been in the office, you will notice the large monitor we have on the wall.  We do have cameras all over the campus.  On the monitor we are able to view each entry into the school building as well as the school parking lot throughout the school day.  All visitors are to stop in the office.   Everyone is asked to sign in and get a visitor’s badge…please.  

After school pick-up In the school parking lot:  We have marked an area for parents to stand in while waiting for their child(ren).  We ask that you stand here and not where the children will be standing when they come out and NOT stand in the parking lot…in front of the cars. This is VERY unsafe not only for you but your children who will come out to you.  Plus, it also hampers cars being able to safely leave the parking area.  If you are not sure where to stand, please ask one of the safety patrol students.  When the children come out, please keep them next to you and walk back to your car together.  We do not want children running through the parking lot unsupervised.  We also don’t want children to be running/playing around even over by the social hall…which we have noted is happening more and more.  This is not a safe time to be doing that.   If you are not able to get out and walk up to get your child, then please be patient.  Once most of the cars have left, we will then let your child walk to the car when we can observe them better.  If you do not want to park in the parking lot, please park over in the church parking lot and then walk over through the social hall patio area.  We discourage parking in front.  If you do, please follow the direction of the safety patrol and make sure you are parking legally.  This is also not the time to be speaking with the teacher as they need to be attentive to all their students until they have all been dismissed.  

Thanks so much for your cooperation.  We know this sounds like a lot of dos and don’ts, but we take the safety of all very seriously and ask that you also consider the safety of all involved, especially the children.  Please let us know if you have any question, concerns, or suggestions!  It was with parents suggestions that we are where we are with drop-off!  

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