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Dress Code – October

Dress Code – October

Happy Fall!  With October beginning next Monday, this would also mean no more shorts!  BUT…..since the first 3 days the high will be in the 80’s, at St. Lawrence we are going to extend wearing shorts through next week from Oct. 1 – 4, 2018.  Friday is an ASM so no shorts anyway and it  looks to be high of only 69 so it may still be chilly at lunchtime.  May be good to start thinking about sending in jackets.  Don’t forget to put names in them – and on just about everything the children bring in”).

We also want to remind you about our Uniform Dress Code.  In fact, it is attached.  We do remind the students during Monday Morning assembly about what the code says.  When students come with say colorful socks on (which are not allowed unless it’s a NUT Day), it is not fair for the others who are following the code.  Plus they then will see it and think that they can too and then it becomes a bigger issue.  AND it can’t be comfortable for the child when we call them out on it.  We’ll have some fun NUT days coming up where they can show their colors!

Thank you so much for following the LCSS Uniform Dress Code!  It makes for JOYful days!

LCSS Uniform Code 18-19

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