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Double Coke Rewards

Double Coke Rewards
Dear Parents and Staff of St Lawrence School,
The Coke company is allowing DOUBLE the value, thru Tuesday May 28, for their codes on Coke products which means that lids are worth 10 cents; 12 pack 30 cents; 24 pack 60 cents and plastic 60 or 78 cent.  This is a great opportunity to earn more money for the children.
On Friday morning May 24th, I will have a container available at the drop-off area for any Coke codes that you would like to donate.  There will be NO nut slip available for this collection so all contributions can be placed in the container.
Please have a safe and peaceful summer.  And continue to save Coke codes for the Fall collection.
Thanks for your help with this project.
Judy Hertel   491-5431

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