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Congratulations Mrs. Rojas!

Congratulations Mrs. Rojas!

Mrs. Rojas has applied for and received a Winter 2019 Enabling STEM Grant!  The grant is through the TechPoint Foundation for Youth!  They are a leader in technology education efforts for the state of Indiana since 2001.

With this $500.00 grant, she will be purchasing:

Botley Coding Robot with activity sets: Botley helps students to learn early STEM skills teaches kids to code screen-free. I choose Botley to be use with kindergarten, first and second grade. This screen-free robot will suit better our younger students. Promoting critical thinking and problem solving, creativity and coding concepts. It comes with a remote programmer, detachable robot arms, 40 coding cards, 6 double-sided tiles, 27 obstacle building pieces and a starter guide with coding challenges.

My First Coding Book:This step by step guidance will make the perfect introductory tools for building vital skills in computer programming for Botley .

Osmo Jam and base packages:Jam, will help students to learn coding while making music. They can safely share they projects with an in-app sharing experience. This will be an addition to our current Osmo games that our students love!

Wonder Gripper:The Gripper Building Kit is an easy-to-construct set of functioning arms that expand Dash capabilities. This can be a great addition for our current robots. Students have to build the mechanical arms for hands-on learning of gears, levers, and axles. They will be able to master more robotics skills by simulating real-world object detection and manipulation using Dash’s sensors and motors through code or manual remote control. The Gripper arms will lift, carry, pull, pick up, and place a variety of lightweight objects for endless play and DIY challenges.

               Congratulations                       Mrs. Rojas!!

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