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Coke Rewards

Coke Rewards
Dear St Lawrence Staff,
Attached is the graph for the Coke contributions to the St Jude’s Research Hospital.  It was a great opportunity of children to be helping other children in need.  There was $ 520 donated during the double money that was offered by the Coke Company, of which $ 459.16 came from St Lawrence School.  And to make a very good thing better,  the plastic lids are being donate to the Sports Park in Delphi for benches in memory of Libby and Abby.
Thanks for your help with this project!!!!
Judy Hertel  491-5431
Mrs Reed $42.30
Mrs Kubsch $14.00
Mrs Grove $24.30
Mrs Sorgenfrie $50.20 NUT slip winner
Mrs Devine $9.10
Mrs Yater $38.50
Mrs Myers $75.30
Mrs Milazzo $61.04
Miss Steill $42.82
Mr Ledman $85.90 NUT slip winner
Mrs Schafer $15.70

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