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Coke Rewards Double Points

Coke Rewards Double Points
Dear Parents, Staff, and Friends of St Lawrence School,
During this week only, Coke is paying TWICE the amount for the codes from their products.  That means that:
                      Dasani Water (the gray plastic square) and 24 cartoons are worth 60 cents
                       12 pack are worth 30 cents
                        cap from bottles are worth 10 cent
Therefore, we will have a 3 day collection on Wed thru Fri of this first week of school so that we can earn as much money for the children as possible.  Sunday evening, August 20, is the last day to enter the code a the double rate!!!!!
  Mrs Williams will again offer a NUT slip to the classroom on the first and second floor that earns the most money from the Coke products.
If you are a new family to the St Lawrence school and are not aware of the Coke rewards program, please call Judy Hertel at 765-491-5431.
Thanks for your participation.

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