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Coke Rewards Contest

Coke Rewards Contest

January 12, 2017

Dear Parents and Friends of St Lawrence School,

On Tuesday, January 17, the children of a classroom on the first floor and the second floor will have the opportunity to earn a No Uniform Today  (NUT) slip from Mrs Williams by collecting the most Coke Rewards Points over a 4 week collection.

There will be a collection box in each classroom for Coke product lids, card boards and plastic codes.  After each week, each classroom will know how they are doing compared to the other classrooms on their floor.

Last Fall, the children collected codes that were valued at $235. If $250 worth of points were collected this time, that would be 10% of  our goal to earn $2500 for St Lawrence School in 2017.  Last year, $ 2375 was collected, so I’m very confident that, with your help, we can reach  the $2500 amount.

If you have any questions, please call  me at 765-491-5431.


Judy Hertel,

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