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Coke Rewards

Coke Rewards
Dear Parents and Friends of the St Lawrence children,
Monday, Feb 13, will be the last day for collection of Coke Reward points  and will complete the contest.  The classroom that brings in the most points on the first floor and on the second floor will receive a NUT slip for the entire class.
Attach is the 3 week summary for the collection of Coke Reward points by the children in each classroom. The children, with your help, have done very well and several teachers have used the data and charts in their classroom as a teaching “moment”.  Also, we are only $30 from our goal of $250.  I think we will make it!!!!!
Three weeks ago, the Coke company announced that they will be terminating the current form of their reward program.  This will affect every person that has an account with the My Coke Reward program. If you have a personal account, here are a few dates to keep in mind:  March 22 is the last day to enter any codes but you are limited to 75 points per week, June 30 is the last day to use the codes, and July 1, all accounts will be cleared of their points and given to a charity.
If you wish, you can donate points that are in your personal account to St Lawrence School.  Go to the end of the Rewards homepage and click on ‘MCR for School’, enter ‘47904’ as the zip code, scroll down, and click on ‘St Lawrence School’. Then follow the prompts for you donation of points.  Call me if you have questions.
Coke will have a different rewards program that could benefit schools but they will not give out any information until Spring.
Thank you for your all your help.
Judy Hertel   491-5431
Coke Reward Points Total
Jan 24 Jan 31 Feb 7 Feb 14
Mrs Reed 330 1531 1495 3356
Mrs Kubsch 132 64 1200 1396
Mrs Grove 1062 293 317 1672
Mrs Sorgenfrie 613 49 30 692
Mrs Devine 206 22 1370 1598
2343 1959 4412 0 8714
Jan 24 Jan 31 Feb 7 Feb 14
Mrs Myers 1360 10 80 1450
Mrs Milazzo 103 30 320 453
Miss Steill 238 20 0 258
Mr Ledman 2092 481 93 2666
Mrs Schafer 510 640 21 1171
4303 1181 514 0 5998
Total Pts 14712
$ Earned 220.68

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