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Coke Rewards

Coke Rewards

Dear Friends and Families of the St Lawrence,

Thanks to your efforts the Coke Reward Program has earned over $ 2300 for the 2016 year!!!!!

This money will be used to provide supplies and expenses for all the children at Saint Lawrence.  It is thru your help that this is possible.

Please continue to save the lids, card boards and plastic wrap from Coke products especially during the Christmas holiday time. When the children return to school in 2017, their classroom can earn a NUT slip to begin the new year.  There will be one NUT slip for the first  floor and one for the second floor.

If you have any questions, please call  Judy Hertel  491-5431.

Merry Christmas to all and may you and your families enjoy Peace and safe travel during this time.


Judy Hertel

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