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Coke Rewards

Coke Rewards
Dear Family and Friends of the St Lawrence School,
The fall collection of Coke Reward points from the children has been completed .  Please note that the total points collected will earn $ 235 which will help meet a year goal of $ 2500 for the school and will be used to benefit all the children at St Lawrence. Thank you for all your support!!!!
Mrs. Kubsch’s and Mrs. Schafer’s classroom students will be awarded a NUT slip (No Uniform Today).  The teacher will determine when the NUT slip will be used.
Please continue to save the reward points.  We will have another school collection in January of 2017 or you may place code in boxes located by the school office or in the back of church.
If you have questions, please call Judy Hertel 765-491-5431.

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