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Coke Rewards

Coke Rewards

May 9, 2016
Dear Supporters of the St Lawrence Children,

Tomorrow, May 10th is the last day for the children to contribute their Coke Reward Points for their classroom chance to win a NUT slip.

Thanks to all of the friends and relatives that have help collect Coke product codes. The six week collection has accumulated about $ 250 in points that will be used for the needs of the students.

Please remember that St Lawrence is not promoting Coke products and the codes can come from other sources besides the child’s family. So, during the summer months, you can take a plastic bag with you to the ball games or to the park and help recycle the bottle lids or codes from the cardboard or plastic wrap. There is a collection box in the back of Church, on the right hand side, OR you can save them until the beginning of school in the fall, we hope to do a similar collection for a NUT slip.

Thanks again for all your help.

Many Blessings to You and Have a Safe Summer,

Judy Hertel 765-491-5431

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