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Coke Rewards

Coke Rewards
Dear St Lawrence Staff and Parents,
The Coke company is offering to double the amount money it will donate to St Jude’s Hospital for Children until Friday, December 7.  This means that a product lid is worth 10 cents, a 12 pack is worth 30 cents and a case or plastic wrapped container is worth 60 cents.  I feel that St Jude’s hospital provides wonderful help to many children and could benefit from our efforts.
 Therefore, I would like to collect Coke codes from Monday, November 26th until Wednesday, December 5th in each classroom.  A NUT slip  can be earned by the classroom on the first and  second floor that  donates the most money during the collection days.  So, during your gatherings over the Thanksgiving holiday, please save any Coke code that are available from family or friends and have the children bring them when they return from Thanksgiving vacation.
Thank you for your help.
Please have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving.
Judy Hertel   765-491-5431

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