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Coke Rewards

Coke Rewards
Dear St Lawrence Staff and Parents,
The dollar results for the Coke code contest have been tabulated using the double money value during the past week.   A grand total of $ 444.46 was collected from the 11 classrooms which included the 2 kindergarten classes.  It was a GREAT one week collection.  Thanks to everyone!!!!! The complete results are in the attachment.
The first floor winner of the NUT slip is Mrs Sorgengrie’s classroom and the second floor winner of the NUT slip is Mr. Ledman’s classroom.
A special thanks to Barb Schummer and Melissa Dwyer for their help to input the coke codes into the computer.  Together, they entered 360 card board codes and 880 codes from caps.  Each code contains 14 characters, so that was a lot of reading AND typing.  Good job!!!!
Please continue to save Coke codes.  Another contest will occur before the end of the year.  Let’s hope that Coke allows double value again.
Judy Hertel   765-491-5431

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