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Coke Rewards

Coke Rewards
Dear St Lawrence parents and faculty,
From August 20 (Monday) to August 26 (Sunday), the Coke company has DOUBLED the amount of money that they will pay for their code on lids (10 cents), 12 pack (30 cents), 24 case (60 cents) and plastic (60 cents).  It would be nice to take maximum advantage of this offer.
Therefore, we will have a Coke Code collection during the week of Aug 20 – Aug 24.  If you are not familiar with Coke Cokes or if you have questions, please call me or email    judy_hertel@yahoo.com. 
 There will be a NUT slip available during this collection for the classroom on the first floor AND the classroom on the second flood that brings in the most dollars based on the double rate.  This collection is only for one week, so please bring your Coke codes in as quickly as possible.
Thanks for all of your support for this fund effort.
If any adult would like to help enter codes into the computer during the double money week or any other time, please give me a call.  The school children will benefit from your efforts and your typing skills could really improve.
Praying for a wonderful school year.
Judy Hertel   765-491-5431

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