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Coke Rewards

Coke Rewards
Dear St Lawrence Parents and Staff,
The results of the April Coke Code Collection are in the attached file. We had a very good contest.
NUT slip winner for the first floor is MRS GROVE’S classroom with $27.00 but Mrs Sorgenfrie’s class was a very, very close second with $26.05.
NUT slip winner for the second floor is MRS SCHAFER’S classroom with $54.35.
 A total of $193.25 was collected!!!!!  Thanks for all your help.
There will be one more collection WITHOUT a NUT slip during the last couple days of the school year if you want to contribute before summer.  The next collection WITH a NUT slip will at the beginning of school in the fall.
Enjoy the warmer weather.
Miss Judy Hertel   491-5431

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