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Coke Products Update

Coke Products Update

Dear Parent, Staff and Friends of St Lawrence School,

During the first week of school, the Coke company allowed DOUBLE the money value for their code on the products they produce. Thanks to all of you at the school, $ 202.10 was collected in just three days.

Collection amount for each classroom

First Floor ( $) Second Floor ( $)

Mrs Reed 0.00 Mrs Schafer 2.00
Mrs Kubsch 18.10 Mrs Myers 12.60
Mrs Sorgenfrei 13.80 Mrs Milazzo 109.30
Mrs Grove 25.30 Miss Steill 7.80
Mrs Devine 13.20 Mr Ledman 0.00

NUT SLIP Mrs Grove’s Class NUT SLIP Mrs Milazzo


A total of $450 was earned for the school during that week because of other codes collected from the box in the back of church and other people that save for St Lawrence School.

Please continue to save the codes from the Coke products!!!!

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