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Coke Give Program

Coke Give Program

Dear St. Lawrence Staff and Parents,

St. Lawrence School is part of the Coca-Cola Give program!! When you make Coca-Cola purchases, you are helping to fund some of the activities we do here at school.  Over the last couple of years, with your help, they have donated at least $2,000 each year!   Hopefully you are still collecting those bottle caps and codes off the cardboard boxes and plastic wrap.

We have placed a collection box in the  office hall under the monitor for the lower grades.  For the upper grades, we have placed the box at the top of the stairs.  They will see it as they come and go into the building.

We will begin collecting Monday, October 26.  This will be ongoing throughout the school year.  So clean out those kitchen drawers and start sending in!

To get it going, let’s start with an incentive….the first 25 families that turn in at least a bag full of caps and/or cardboard will receive a NUT Slip!  Be sure to put your name on the bag!

The value of codes:  5 cent – caps        15 cents – cardboard from 12 packs       30 cent – cardboard from a case or plastic wrap.

Once these are sent in, myself and another volunteer will put the codes and numbers into the system for St. Lawrence.  We are happy to do this….and don’t mind if you keep us busy!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

God bless.     Judy Hertel.    765-491-5431




























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