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Choice Scholarship Support

Choice Scholarship Support

INPEA Legislative Alert

TAKE ACTION: Ask your Legislators to Support HB 1005

I wanted to update you on SB 334 which contained some improvements to the Choice Scholarship (Voucher) Program (two application windows & one endorsement form). As you know SB 334 passed out of the Senate with bipartisan support. The Bill encountered some heavy resistance in the House Education Committee and had to be amended in an effort to make it harder to vote against. Provisions regarding background checks and confidentiality agreements were added as well as some language around dual credit teachers.

When the Bill returned to the Senate for concurrence it was deemed that the additions were “non-germane” to the original bill so they could not concur on the bill. In an effort to move these improvements forward, the House stripped the language from SB 334 and added it to HB 1005. HB 1005 provided teacher negotiated stipends for public school mentor teachers. The Teachers’ union (ISTA) is asking their members to contact legislators in an effort to oppose the bill (see ISTA call to action below).

It is important that our legislators hear from US on Wednesday. The Legislative session is scheduled to conclude on Thursday, so this will be our last ask for the session (outside of some thank yous).

Please call, write, or email your elected representatives in the House and Senate ask them to support these Choice Program improvements, ensure them this is not a major expansion to the program but will simply help a small number of students who need another option mid-school year. Get as many others to do the same. The Union has been gaining traction in their opposition to school choice. Even though this is a small improvement, it is large in gaining back momentum for support of the program. Don’t wait, ACT Now! If your school participates in this program you have a shared responsibility to advocate for it. ACT NOW!


Support Choice Improvements: Support HB 1005 HERE or click the button below.

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