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Cheers to our Volunteers!

Cheers to our Volunteers!

The success of St. Lawrence rests heavily on the support and dedication of parent and community volunteers.

First and foremost, when a parent is a part of their child’s education, it can greatly benefit that student.  When your child sees your interest in what they are doing at school, it can increase their chances of success.  They see how much you’re invested in their education and school activities, teaching the importance of learning!

It is so inspiring to walk the halls of our school each day and see moms, dads, grandparents, and extended family and community members reading with children, helping them solve math problems, helping with assessments, and sharing a plethora of other talents that enrich student lives.  Adults volunteer their time accompanying kids on field trips, to the playground, answering the phone, work in the library, AR trackers and motivators, JA in a Day, taking care of the fish tank, stuffing folders, watering plants, painting walls, folding clothes , covering at the last minute for what is needed, setting up for programs, planning fun and educational activities, sending in snacks and treats, attending PTO events, being a PTO officer, chairing events, and supporting staff, students and each other.  When you do this you send a clear message to our children that they do indeed have an extended school family that cares greatly for them.

To all those who give so freely and abundantly of your time and energy, we offer our sincere appreciation and thanks.  Whether you help out at school or from home, your support is greatly felt and is producing wonderful and JOYful dividends.  We are so happy when you are here and just love it when you come in and make yourself at home!

If you would like to know how to volunteer, there will be a sign-up at the beginning of next school year or just call the office at 742-4450.


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