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CC Soccer selling Laundry Soap

CC Soccer selling Laundry Soap

The girls soccer team at CC will again be selling laundry soap for their fundraiser! There will be a form in the Thursday folder if you are interested.  Your order form and money need to be turned into the St. Lawrence office by August 18th.

They have liquid laundry detergent that come in 5 gallon (640 oz.)  buckets  with a dispensing pump a for $35.00 each

Liquid laundry PAKS (also known as a Pod  have 225 per unit (pail) and they come in regular, with oxy, with stain lifter or free and clear for $40.00 each

Scent Enhancing PAKS have 300 per unit (pail)   for $40.00 each

Liquid dish detergent comes in a 5 gallon (640 oz.)  bucket with a dispensing pump  for $35.00 each

Dishwasher PAKS are available in a powder formula and have 225 per unit (pail)  for $35.00 each.

Any questions please contact Stephanie Bullock at sbullock@lcss.org

Click on the link below for your order form

Central Catholic Knights Girls Soccer

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